Gucci Mane [ft. Yo Gotti & Young Ralph] “Bricks” {VIDEO} {FLASHBACK}

It has come to my attention that today a few blog sites have posted the Gucci Mane video to “Bricks”. They are claiming that it is just now coming out and they wonder what the hold up was. This video has been out for 6+ Months. Look @ Waka Flocka’s dreads compared to the new Gucci Mane video “Bingo” featuring Soulja Boy & Waka Flocka. Also look @ Nicki Minaj any1 who has been following her for a while could tell by looking at this video that it’s a little old. Not trying to bad mouth any of the other blogs, because I am late on a few posts myself, but I do this for me mainly. Also as they have posted that this song features OJ Da Juiceman, it does not. He does make a cameo appearance but it’s featuring Yo Gotti and Young Ralph. Enjoy the video if you haven’t already seen it before.

As you see below WSHH posted this video on their site over a year ago. {09.25.2008}

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