Officer Ricky:

I find these videos funny && I wanted to post them all on this blog, but I didn’t want to post them on the main page on this blog and have them take up a whole page when someone was to look on here. I decided to create this page for just all of these videos. Be sure to check them out and more on <—subscribe also while you're there. I think these are all of the "Officer Ricky+" videos…

WicKLoW presents…

Deeper Than Snacks


Officer Ricky Ego Freestyle Police Academy


FAMU Security


Swagg Surfin


Officer Ricky and TPlus photoshoot






Arrest This Town …WicKLow


Mentos Commercial



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  1. […] to find 50-Cent & G-Unit. LOL!!! If you haven’t see any of the Officer Ricky videos click HERE. I have dedicated a page on here just for these videos. Also check out WickLow’s YouTube […]

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