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This page is currently under construction. Coming soon you will see disclaimers about this blog(site). It is still a work in progress so please bear with me as I get everything together. That goes for this page and the site as a whole. I am still working the “kincks” out. This site only has one admin at the moment, so it is currently a “one-man” show. I am learning new things and tricks as I go along to give this site a better look and experience for it’s visitors. If you have any concerns, suggestions, or whatever feel free to comment, email, write on the facebook fan page, or tweet this blog. All of the contact info is listed below. One last thing I nor this blog as a whole is affiliated with any other websites, webpages, or blogsites. I do have other blogsites and you can find the complete list below. This blog has ONLY one fan page on facebook, one twitter account, one email address this is in addition to my personal facebook page, twitter account, and email address. If you feel as though you own the rights to any of the pictures, music, quotes, etc found in any of the posts please contact me so I can look into the matter and remove anything on here.

The following is a “disclaimer” off of my facebook photo album “R.i.P – Gone But Not Forgotten“:
*Disclaimer: Not everyone in this album was a “good-person” or should be looked at as a “role-model”. Whether allegedly or proven. You never know what actually happens behind closed doors in certain cases, while others have been brought to light and proven that I do not support nor condone in any way (i.e ABUSE in any form). This is just to say as an entertainer they are missed I do know as entertainers I enjoyed their music, movies, comedy, shows, etc…

” None of the pictures in this photo album are owned by me, my blog, or this fan page. I found most of the pictures by searching for the celeb. on google and using pictures I liked as I came across them. The only reason they are tagged “https://ty85.wordpress.com” is because I edited them using various effects through fotoflexer.com, picnik.com, and/or photoshop.com. None of the celebrities are in any way affiliated with me, my blog, or this fan page.”

Email: 620MCMLXXXV@gmail.com
Twitter: @620MCMLXXXV
Facebook Fan Page: 6.20.MCMLXXXV

620MCMLXXXV@gmail.com // Twitter // Facebook Fan Page

This blog is my MAIN blog, but here is a list of my other blogsites:
TyzBlog85(@blogspot.com) // 620MCMLXXXV(@tumblr.com)
(these next last two are just play(test) accounts): 620MCMLXXXV(@wordpress.com) // 620LXXXV(@tumblr.com)

My personal accounts:
Facebook // Myspace // Twitter (@dkane85)

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