#TheTruth Elliot Wilson interviews Jay-Z *UPDATED* #FACTSONLY

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

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A Day In The Life w/ Kevin Hart – Kevin’s Kids Visit Him at Work {Vlog}

A Day In The Life w/ Kevin Hart: Paintball vs. Drake {Video}

T.I. – Countdown To “Trouble Man” (Ep. 05) {Vlog}

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T.I. – Countdown to “Trouble Man” (Ep. 04) {Vlog}

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The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Can Mase Come Back For Good? {Video}

In this latest episode from Rap Radar’s Elliot Wilson, he asks “Can Mase Come Back For Good?”….what do y’all think?

T.I. – Countdown to “Trouble Man” (Ep. 03) {Vlog}

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