About this Blog

I just created this blog to post things that I find interesting. I really love music, so most (if not all) of my posts on here will have something to do with music. At this moment this is one of three blogs I currently have. Usually whenever I hear about a “new” site, I’ll create an account and check it out which is why I have three blogs at the moment. Don’t be surprised if I’m adding more to the list soon. Links to my other blogs are listed below as well as on the left under “My Sites”. If you get a chance check to them out please do, as well as MY other links. I have also posted sites under “Blogroll” that I frequently visit to get some info/music etc. As with my other blogs this is a “work in progress”. Like I said I mainly post things I find interesting, I am not too concerned with how many people like or check this out. I created this mainly to keep track of sites I check and posts I like. But if you like anything feel free to comment or contact me.

*disclaimer: pictures, videos, links, etc are not owned or hosted by me. I will try to give credit where credit is due especially when it comes to sources for videos or links.

*most of the pix you see on here are edited by me using (fotoflexer.com or picnik.com)

Blog #1: TyzBlog85 (blogspot) this blog is where I post most videos that I come across

Blog#2: Ty85 (wordpress) happens to be this blog, there is where I post links to music, pictures, things dealing with music that may not be in the form of a video (you will see some videos on here)

Blog#3: 6.20.MCMLXXXV (tumblr.com) my newest creation! this is mainly my random blog where I just randomly post anything whether it be videos, pictures, or random thoughts

2 Responses

  1. NICE BLOG! Keep up the good work!

    MY BLOG : http://www.akaHipHop.com

    • Thanx, I appreciate it! It’s a still a work in progress. Just checked out your site NICE! keep up the good work! Going to add your link to my blogroll.

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