The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Can Mase Come Back For Good? {Video}

In this latest episode from Rap Radar’s Elliot Wilson, he asks “Can Mase Come Back For Good?”….what do y’all think?

One Response

  1. The pull between the secular world and a fully dedicated life to the Lord is a hard one.

    If Mase wants to rap he can do so in a way that glorifies the lord.

    While the money that comes from performing Christian music is not as great it will do a bit more than pay the bills.

    To go back where Mase came from would be a big mistake. Once he gets too deep in that world he will lose himself and regret it. Plus if he leaves to preach again any other supposed secular comebacks that would see him find success would be over.

    However I do find that if he gets into the secular aspects of rap and hip hop he would do quite well collaborating with Kanye West and being a part of anything Kanye is involved in.

    However Mase’s reluctance to sign any kind of a deal with any label says to me he is not serious.

    Mase can still sell records but he can do so on his terms. God can and will work through him to use his talents for the good. If Mase will humble himself and be smart with the money he makes he will not have to go all the way to the dark side.

    I really love Mase’s talents but I don’t want to see him torn in two between serving the lord and serving the secular world.

    If he prays to the lord he can reach those in the secular world while still being a messenger of all that is good and of Jesus.

    I am sure if he keeps a level head God will make sure he is taken care of and than some.

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