Can you spot Amber Rose in these past music videos?

Amber Rose recently stopped by and visited Funk Flex and on the radio and they talked about her new single “Fame” featuring Wiz Khalifa, her beef with Kim K and Kanye West, and a few other things. But the reason for this post is that she mentioned being in the videos below. Check them out and see if you can spot her. Listen the the full Funk Flex interview w/ Amber Rose. If you can’t spot her in the first video something is wrong with you…LOL

Ludacris [ft. Chris Brown & Sean Garrett]: “What Them Girls Like” {Music Video}

Young Jeezy: “Vacation” {Music Video}

Young Jeezy [ft. Kanye West]: “Put On” {Music Video}

Yelawolf [ft. Kid Rock]: “Let’s Roll” {Music Video}

Mary J. Blige [ft. Drake]: “Mr. Wrong” {Music Video} (re-release)

Kanye West plays “Big Brother” for Jay-Z for the first time (In The Studio) {Video}

In Tony Williams’ latest episode of his #road2KoTF vlog series, he shows a behind the scenes look at when Kanye West first presented his song “Big Brother”’ for Jay-Z. Starts at around the 2:22.

Spotted @ HHNM

Pusha T: “Sweet (Freestyle)” {Music Video}

Here are the visuals to Pusha T’s “freestyle” over the “contoversial” Common song of the same title.

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