Lloyd Banks “V5” Mixtape {DOWNLOAD}

*click on the pictures to see the full view”

Earlier today (12.28.09 @ 8pm) Lloyd Banks dropped his anticipated mixtape V5. Download it here by clicking the link below.

Download: Lloyd Banks’ Mixtape “V5” //via Zshare
*Spotted @ ThisIs50.com
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Property of: ThisIs50.com


1.) Intro
2.) My Bad
3.) Shitty City Pt2
4.) Who’s Your Favorite
5.) We Remain
6.) Better You Know Me
7.) I Do
8.) Its Going Down – Lip Service
9.) Look Ma
10.) Rather Be Me
11.) Power Pack
12.) Only Human
13.) No Escape feat Tony Yayo
14.) The Get Back – Southside in the House
15.) Probably Want Me Down
16.) Greenday feat Havoc ,Cormega
17.) Big Bully – Full Version

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