Wale: “Inhibitions” {DOWNLOAD}

Download: Wale: “Inhibitions (Let Loose)” [ft. Pharrell]

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Wale’s debut album was scheduled (after multiple pushbacks) to release on November3rd. It seems via Wale’s twitter that some samples still haven’t cleared and it might be pushed back some more to Nov10th :(…earlier today Wale released this song (Inhibitions [Let Loose]) featuring Pharrell on his twitter profile. Another song was also leaked today (not by Wale) that is scheduled to be in his album #AttentionDeficit. I decided not to post the download link for the unauthorized leak (plus it has tags).

…but if u really want it you can find it on Back2Pluto (also listed on the blogroll). Check them out I get some of my info from their blog.

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